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2 variant logos done for CodeMirror.
vector 2014

but i brought snacks …

first time painting in manga studio 5. not too shabby after converting in some photoshop brushes.  

Painted from life in the Florida Keys in Spring of 2011.  Nearly stepped on this mechanical crab walking along the coast of the tiny isle where I had rented a small hut with my dog.  How she used to love running along the shore, barking like mad at robotic crustacea. I’ll miss her.  

another vector illustration for the second edition of Marijn Haverbeke’s Eloquent Javascript. the print edition is available for pre-order here.

art by max xiantu.

test animation for a flipbook on the page corners of pretty, rooster by clay matthews.  quickly drawn in photoshop sometime in 2009 or 10.